Tuesday, May 4, 2010


One remarkable thing that is showing up in Zane's development is how curious he is. He notices everything around him and watches what we are doing so he can do it himself another time when we least expect it.

Which means he opens doors and drawers, runs the vacuum, puts things in the sink, (that's a good one), knows where his sippy cups and milk is, and knows that a screwdriver is for banging holes in the floor.

I wonder who taught him THAT one.

I am very sure my kids were nothing like him. Lorene was a very busy girl and I thought she would be the death of me, but either I took it all in stride in my youngness or she wasn't as inquisitive as this one.

I suppose some of it is that in those days I didn't have the medicines I do now that I have to keep out of his reach. The price we pay of getting old.....but most of it is I've had running colds and allergies in this house for a couple of months.

That's the reason for the meds.

And muscle aches, and who knows what all that goes on with several people in the house.
I don't want to remember who has been sick and hurt and why, at the moment.
This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that Zane can open any bottle in the house, whether the manufactures fondly suppose they are kid-proof or not.

That isn't just meds, either. It is soap containers, hair potions, face washes, body lotions, ketchup, and whatever else he can get his hands on. (Luckily he can't open the fridge yet.) We can hardly put things up high enough. Someday it is going to get so bad, we are either going to have to hang things from the ceiling or put everything in a big box that can be locked. And won't that be fun when we have company.

"Oh, by the way, just wait a minute while I go get a ladder to get the knives that are hanging up here so I can cut up the vegetables for supper."

He can open any door in the house, necessitating the need for locking the bathroom door when you are in there. He will obligingly shut the door for you after you open it,....with him on the inside. After which, he proceeds to ransack the drawers in there, paying no attention to commands or pleading to leave them alone, obviously he knows you can't get to him.

I never had to use door knob protectors with MY kids.

We use little bungee cords to keep the cupboards inaccessible, but I do like to clean out the trash cupboard once in a while, and before I put the trash can back in, someone else was in there instead.

I'm just waiting for the day he gets to the top of the fridge.
He sure keeps me on my toes.


gkey said...

dear Having to learn to be sneaky,
Things are sure lively these days at your house. I don't know how you get anything done!!
Some of mine were more like this than others. I do remember that it DOES pass, and sooner or later they learn to channel their curiosity in more productive and appropriate ways.
lively is certainly never booring

The J's said...

Yes, some of mine were more so than others too! Ryan was my "worst"....Lynisha climbed on everything. The deep freeze, the piano. How, I don't know! I used to say she could climb the walls, literally!
It's funny he can open all the doors but not the fridge!!