Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Childlike Spirit

I love my children. I loved them when they were little. But there is something about the first time around when my kids were all little that made me feel like I would never catch up. I tried to keep track of the funny things they did and wrote many down, but I know I've forgotten most of it.

It is so funny to watch Zane as he learns the things he needs to get along in this world. He is watching us, every step of the way.

I am trying to get into the habit of rubbing down my cupboards once a month. All that is, is a quick cleaning with an old rag and Murphy's Oil Soap. (Which also, by the way, is great on floors, too.) So, since Zane seems to think that the only place to be is right next to me, I gave him a rag to help me.

So, today, he dropped his sippy cup, which splashed milk on the cupboard, so he found a rag and attempted to wipe up. Which was fine, and I helped and got the rest.

After I turned my back, there he was.....

Now, at this stage of his life, he is cleaning up his messes, throwing away his candy wrappers, willingly helping me put clothes into washer and dryer.

I just wish it would last.


The J's said...

At this age when they think "helping" is FUN is defiantly the time to let them learn it! I totally believe it pays off in the long run!

Gramma's Corner said...

It is so funny, really to watch him, throw dishes in the sink,and "set" the table (with a dirty plate, ha!). But one thing I've learned lately, is not to critize any help.

gkey said...

dear LuckyZane'sGramma,
I KNOW i've called you that here before, but I just keep thinking it when i see posts like this!
More observant the 2nd time around too