Friday, May 7, 2010

This Time Last Year VI

May 2010
4 months

It was at this time that we began to realize that Zane was going to be developing more quickly that the 'average' baby. He really didn't stay a baby very long.

Here at the first of the month, he is sitting nicely on a chair.

And finding out that electronics are the preferred toys.

Lynette made Zane a little box house, and someone took the perfect photo.

And he's still sweet to cuddle.

We knew from the very beginning that Zane was 'tongue-tied'. It meant that he couldn't nurse properly. He had the frenulum cut at 9 months or so. His doctor thought we had to wait, but the ear, nose, throat doctor who did the actual cutting, would have done it right away.

This photo shows very clearly, that his tongue was tight.

Mommy and Me

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gkey said...

dear Time Flies, especially that first year!

It is so fun to see these pix from a year ago.

The babies growing up before our very eyes