Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Teddy Bear

Once upon a time there was an old coat that had passed its time of usefulness so it was made into a lovely furry teddy bear, by a special auntie and...

given to a little boy to love.

And, also, obviously to have his eyes picked out.

Who me?

Cute as that bear is, this 15 mo. old boy is pretty cute, too.

P.S. Zane now has his 5th tooth.


Njos Family said...

15 months already - that is hard to believe. What a special teddy bear.

Janis said...

Aww, he's getting so big and so cute! I bet he keeps you busy!!

Anonymous said...

great photos gramma!!!

Anonymous said...

forfgot to put my name on my anaoymous post...sorry, Cyndie

Anonymous said...

I also can't spell tis morning ;( oh bother!!!

gkey said...

dear Gramma writer,
I still say you should do some little books for Zane (or for you?) You have some great text and photos to do it already in your blog!
BIG fan of childrens books (and of scrapbooking)