Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Thursday Morning

Last night I felt like I would never be able to write a cheerful post again.  Luckily, I felt better in the morning, and yesterday was just foreshadowing  the rough days I will be facing ahead.  The sun is shining, (I wish it was rain, however) and I am awake, feeling better and drinking my morning shake, with little pain.

Every morning I go to radiation and they ask how I am doing and I say, "fine".  Yesterday, I told them I had a little pain in my throat, and they said, "I'm sure that's from us."  Very nice of them to take the blame.   What is funny about this bit of pain is that it feels like one of the lymph nodes under my jaw is very sore.  Just one, on one side.  However, as the day went on, my body didn't want to chew and swallow past that pain.  So, by the end of the night I was feeling very sorry for myself, thinking here, a week and a half into treatment, one small spot of pain, and I'm complaining already.  So, I went rather into a blue funk for awhile, and went to bed.  So, it was very nice to wake up this morning, feeling as well as I did yesterday.  The sore spot isn't gone, but it is doable.

Plus, Jim is back home again, and that always makes me feel better.  And, I can whine all over him if I want to.

I had a big day yesterday and really enjoyed it.  I did a few things around the house, like sort all the clutter off the bathroom counter, and wash the rugs.  Just putting a few things away, those things that hang around the house that no one every seems to put away except me and helping with supper, (which Lynette made all by herself, with only advice for guidance) and having company felt good.  Actually, all I did for supper was rinse the cucumbers badly, and they were still too salty.

I'm starting to comb long hairs out of my head, so a few are starting to let loose.

Other things are normal around here, Jim and my mom put up 30 bags of corn last night, and the dishwasher we ordered is in.  I hope Jim can find time to put it in this weekend.  We haven't had a dishwasher for months.  I didn't really miss it, but I'm not the one doing dishes just now.

Jim is taking a piece of equipment we've rented back to Lincoln today.  He's pulling off the job he's been working on so far away, until after corn harvest.  That job has been plagued with breakdowns and other complications, (partly mine), and it will be nice for him to be here through most of my treatment days.

One of the fun things of writing down all the stuff that has been happening to me, is writing down some particularly strange things that go on.  I have been getting some sores along my incision site that have been really worrisome to me.  We have discovered however, that the stitches are working therr way out from underneath and causing sores as they come out.  Well, and good, we watch for those and catch them before they cause big problems.  Now, however, the stitches seem to be all out and now HAIRS are working themselves out from underneath and making sores.  They didn't shave my head, and I don't really know if they cut the hair short in the incision area or just cut through the whole thing, but at any rate, there are hairs that got trapped under the skin and are working their way out now.  Lynette went over the whole area the other night pulling them out,(they aren't attached)  and no more sores.  Sorry, people, for those who aren't into the nitty gritty medical side, this might be a bit yuck. It's nice to have a daughter neat handed and careful and WILLING to keep me healthy.  (Jim was gone.)

I weighed Thurs, three pounds up.  YAY, now to keep it there or gain some more, and I will see the doctor, or rather his nurse practioner to discuss first line of pain killing options.


The J's said...

Oh, WHOOSH! That is rather nitty gritty. Regardless, I'm glad you can and are blogging it all. Kind of interesting about the hairs/sores--I remember years ago when Ryan had surgery on his fingers & then having sores come and it seemed to be from the hairs on the skin patches they did.
Hope you have a good day today! Glad you have someone to get the corn put up! Hopefully we're in for a little break on the heat at least for a little bit!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your "blue" days. Grateful for those who can lend a helping hand. I remember well my blue days. Tell you what, I think I have motivation to try and type of some convention notes and see if I can get your e-mail address and share a few. I can't guarantee they are anything special (I'm not the worlds best grammatical queen, note taker, etc., but I can guarantee that I will put my heart & soul into them in hopes you can find something to brighten your horizons!) :D

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Shelley you truly inspire me!!! And you deserve to have a blue day or six!!! Hang in there and know we are all behind you, thinking of you and crossing our fingers that this will all soon be behind you!!!
Love you much!!! Janet

Dan & Cyndie said...

blue days will come and blue days will...GO!!! Like Janet said you are entitled to your share. So glad for all you post, even the nitty gritty ;) thinking of you always & loving you much :)

Gramma Lorna and Grampa Garland said...

Dearest Shelley; Finally I am getting to catch up on your blog! The summer is going so fast and altho the days will seem to creep along, you will look back and see that they were very fleeting. G'pa Grotz' birthday was last Saturday, he would've been 110 years old and it was just yesterday he was holding our kids on his knee! You are such an inspiring example of living the Good Life and meeting each hurdle with determination! Wonder how long your Mom gets to stay with you? Love and Hugs from us two!!!