Sunday, July 15, 2012

Using The Calendar

I put a calendar link in the upper right hand corner of the blog because some people were asking for it to help plan for visiting or whatever during my treatment.  It is set up that anyone who logs into the calendar can add to the calendar if they plan to visit or drop off something, or whatever.  Then I can check the calendar morning and evening and know what it going on.  I want to use it for treatment times, also, so people know whether I'm home or not.
As of right now, I think I will welcome visits, and calls at most anytime I'm home.  And I'm hoping that after this first very long chemo day I will know the ropes, so people can come and keep me company while I am 6 hours or more in chemo.
To enter anything into the calendar you click on the day you want, and at the top of the days is a cursor with a place to type.  If you make a mistake, you can click on your entry and a box comes up to edit what you just entered.


Anonymous said...


I do not know you but my heart, and prayers are with you as you face this experience. I have loved a thought we heard awhile back at convention. It was about the vineyard and the preparation made by the husbandman in order for the vineyard to thrive.

In the vineyard, an experienced husbandman knows what must be done in order to produce a rich, rewarding harvest. Sometimes his work begins with planning the layout of the vineyard, preparing the soil, planting the seed and for a mature vineyard, pruning the vines.

His work is placid, yet persistent. He knows given the right growing conditions, the vineyard has the potential of producing a masterpiece. He takes great pride in his work though few ever see the never-ending labor of love he gives in hopes of a rich harvest.

He gently works the soil and then evenly places each stake used to support the grapes. One could look up each row to see the perfectly lined up stakes used to stabilize the grapes in the growing process. He also welcomes the gentle rain as he knows it holds the promise of a fruitful outcome. Oftentimes the fruits of his labor are unknown until evidence of fruit appears.

Remember, in our trials and tribulations that God is overseeing the details and will never give us more than we can bear. From our cloudy, restricted view of life, sometimes all we see is the storm, but God in his loving-kindness allows others to see the rainbow of love and protection over us. He uses our life to encourage and inspire others. He allows our storms to strengthen us. May the arms of our Father be wrapped around you and your family in this experience.


Luanne said...

As Michelle and I had a few hours
together today, we were thinking of you. Hope you know how much we care.
love lu

gkey said...

Dear On the Calendar,

I will try that, and hopefully get it fixed so I can do that on my new phone. It is faster than my little laptop!! (About anything is faster than it)

Sorry I missed seeing you on Friday, when you were at the dentist. This calendar thing will be useful for when I do get to come to Kearney.

cheering you on