Monday, July 9, 2012

Brief and to the Port

I have lots I'd like to say, since I've learned a bunch of new things in the last couple of days, but I have a sore right chest from the port that was put in today.  I think I'm going to be glad in the long run that it is in there.  But, right now I'm feeling sore enough that I'm glad to do nothing, so I am taking the opportunity of heavy duty pain killer to type a little here before I fall asleep.  
The port was put in as out-patient surgery.  Surgery is still surgery, with the IV, the sedation, monitors, recovery, etc.  I was admitted at 6 am and home at 10 am.  
The type of port I had put in is completely under the skin, and a special needle set-up is put through the skin,  into the port and medicine put in that way.  
Anyway, I'm not quite up to a bright, shining post this evening, but I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow. 


Dan & Cyndie said...

It sure is a many "step" journey you have begun dear friend! Today is another step behind you...
Take good care & hope you can sleep well tonite.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you up here in the north east section of Nebraska. Glad for your blogs so we can keep track of how you are doing. You make it all so very interesting with your telling of it, but I am sure you are hurting much more than you let on. Take care. And just know that you have many people who are thinking of you. Wayne and Darlene Jensen

The J's said...

Thinking of you! Thanks for keeping us updated!!

Elaine T. said...

I'm glad that part is done and hope it serves you well. Just remember it's your body and you can listen to it.
I chose to quit the chemo 6 mo. before my oncologist was ready for me to "according to the book". Anyway, that was 17 yrs ago and I don't think my body ever missed the final 6 mo. of chemo! Take care.

Raimie @ The Prairie Hen's Nest said...

Dear Auntie,
So sorry you are tired and sore... bet you never knew you'd sail your ship to this 'port', huh? Well, good thing the Master is at the helm and he knows where He's going.

Trusting in NE

Anonymous said...

Shelley, So sorry you are feeling sore and tired. Tomorrow is a new day. As Cyndie said, just another step now behind you. One day closer to all this being over for you. Thank you for your faith dear friend! Love, Holly

gkey said...

Dear More Accessable,

This is such new territory for me to learn about. It does seem that a more direct route for the meds will be helpful.

Whatever it takes to get well