Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fourth of July 2012

You know, life goes on even after you have a cancer diagnosis.  So, I was glad to be well enough to host my family over the 4th of July holiday.  I didn't do much hosting.  I have a capable family, and they took care of everything and I just watched and visited.  

I also have pictures of Barry at 10 months here and he is progressing well, and just SO cute. 
He's figured out he can walk behind this toy easily.  There just wasn't quite enough room to go well.
He still crawls in his funny one knee up, one knee down hitch along fashion, but he is also standing alone, after letting go of things and holds things in his hands while standing.  His preferred method of learning at the moment, is shaking whatever he is standing next to, it is a good thing chairs are sturdy, but he's going to have one over on himself one of these days.

Supper on the Deck

This was supposed to be an "all cousins" photo, but Titus got missed.  You'll have to look for him on the eating photos.

My boys.

Big Blue Eyes.

Grampa and Gramma with Barry.

I don't have photos of everyone here.  I didn't take many as I was sitting and not following everyone around. Luckily, my sister in law, is a great one for getting photos of everyone, so we DO have some.
We had a great time with Tim's famous ribs, done in our fire pit, and a bunch of other good food that ends up in our get togethers, like my mom's enchiladas, and chocolate cake with homemade frosting.  The only thing we didn't get this time was mom's apple pie.  She only had enough apples for one pie off her tree and they ate it at home instead of bringing it along.  

Mom spent a good share of her time putting the apples that were falling off my tree into the freezer.  I'll be glad to have those this winter.  I couldn't do it and it was the best crop we've had so far. The only problem is no one has time to pick all the rest of the fallen apples off the ground so they will be full of bugs next year.  Oh, well, next year I can keep the ground clean and have better apples the NEXT year. 
(No rotten apples on the ground, no bugs next year.)
We have another tree, but we aren't going to deal with it, it's hard enough to keep up with the garden. 

I had a great time with everyone here, it was nice to be all together again.  The cousins are growing up, we already have the next generation started.  It will be harder and harder to get all of us together as the years go by.  It might not be so often, and it might take more planning, and it will be more fun as the years go by. 

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The J's said...

Fun to see the pictures! glad it worked out for you to be together.