Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thank You Very Much

One of the things I never expected when putting my cancer story on this blog is just how much interest it would generate.  I had surgery on May 30th, and I meant to write this on June 30th and look at the stats, but I forgot.  I think I was resting, fending off a headache.
This month people looked at my blog just over 5000 times.  I now have over 20,000 pages views. Wow! I really appreciate all the interest.  It has helped keep me entertained.  Thanks to all of you who come to see what is going on.  There will be more information later this week.  It is a holiday week, but I have two doctor visits, one in Kearney and one in Omaha.  I also have family coming in, to blogging will not be first priority, but I imagine there are plenty of other folks out there planning to celebrate this week too., and not read blog posts.  

I really am feeling better.  My area of pain is concentrated on the bridge of my nose, and I do treat the incision area carefully, since that is tender in spots.  But, I am up and down and doing homey things.  Not everything, since just making my bed still makes me puff, but I'm getting bored if I don't do things.  I'm still not running my house like I usually do, especially in the food department.  I don't care much about food these days, so we eat a lot of leftovers from somebody else.  They are quick, and need eaten anyway. So, thanks, folks for enjoying my blog so I can enjoy it, too.

One last thing:
I've had several people wondering about leaving comments.  If you want to make a comment, there is a box at the bottom of the comment list, and you can type a message in the box.  The easiest way then to leave that comment is to click on the circle next to "anonymous".  Just be sure to sign your name.


Renee said...

Hi, Shell!! How fun to know you have a larger following than you thought!!
ENJOY family and fun and fireworks..and I wish Food could be included in that but what good is it if it doesn't taste? Aww bummer!

Jeanne Ogden said...

Dear Shelly just sitting here enjoying getting caught up on your posts and thinking that I should update mine. Our little second child is a calm joy unlike his big sister who is our large dose of wild joy. He is learning how to crawl also and will sit for hours playing on the floor by himself our getting into sissy's stuff if she is close enough. A lady here in town said she marinated everything in Lawerys seasoning when her husband lost his taste due to cancer don't know if that would work for you but it did for him. All for now. Love Jeanne Ogden

Dan & Cyndie said...

Enjoy!!!! your family, your fun times, your memories in the making!!! Then you can tell us all about it right here :)
I just love popping in to see what's new...actually I just love you :) Cyndie

Anonymous said...

Count me among your faithful readers, at least since May 30. Thank you for every time you have written. Yes, we read because we are interested and because we care so very much. Enjoy your family time and all of the good food your mom has been cooking. And remember to rest a lot even though you have company!

Sending love from Wisner, NE

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly!
I just want you to know that I do read your blog, often, just since I found out about your cancer etc. We're very interested in how you're getting along, and wish you a complete recovery-----a fast one would be great too! (it's not that I don't like reading blogs, but I don't think of them very often-----getting old, 'ya know!)
Barb Kracht

The J's said...

It IS fun to have readers! Hope you have a good time with your family--happy days! oh, I meant to comment on the other post about the boys--Wyatt is walking now, just! Thankfully he is much happier now he can explore more. I'm heading out to bring 4 grandkids back on Thursday and on Friday will have these 4 here too. That will be crazy I'm sure.

Darcie said...

Yes, readers to make blogging more fun, and encourage us along as well. Been thinking of you again today, and hopped over. Hope you enjoy your day today. My honey has to work until 12, and then we are going to enjoy the afternoon, and then our fellowship tonight. I will keep following as long as you keep on a blogging. :-)

gkey said...

dear Blogging friend,

Right now, I am not able to follow all the blogs that I used to... due to this VERY slow computer. However there are a couple I manage. Yours is right on top of the 'can't miss' list.

It does help too, now that we are not really in the same immediate 'neighborhood' like we used to be. I miss those days, but life goes on....and so we can be thankful for various ways of keeping in touch anyway.

bridging the distance