Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Barry 9 months

This isn't going to be a cancer report, although I did go to the doctor is Omaha to make sure the inside of my sinuses are healing normally.  Which they are, thank goodness and that is all I'm going to say about that.

I still want to have these photos of my grandsons on this blog, too.  This right now is the only record we have  of Barry's milestones.
Plus, I love my railroad track building skills.

As he turned 9 months, he was pulling himself up on furniture and just starting his cute little hitch along crawl, one knee up, one knee down.  He still crawls like that some and is going around furniture now.  He likes to see what is going on, and travels all over gramma's house, down the hall, into the kitchen.  If we shut up the rooms off the hall he just glares.  

What is so lovely about Barry is that he isn't a real go-getter like Zane.  Zane spent his time wandering around the house getting into things and making messes.  By this time Zane was walking.  Barry crawls over and picks up a toy and plays with it, or goes to see what Zane is doing and tries to play with him.  
That doesn't always work, since Barry can't really play, he just grabs.  
But, he can push cars and tractors and pickups around.  He is easily entertained with toys, and I can actually watch him just now, because he will play close by and doesn't need run after. 
Zane is learning to cope with Barry's attention, he went into the bathroom with his Tonka crane the other day so he could shut the door.

These next few photos were taken earlier in the month when the boys really discovered my box of farm stuff, and they played side-by-side for a very long time.  I just loved it. 

Here's another glimpse of our life, Jim trying out our new couch.  This is his favorite position in any couch. 

Here is Barry tasting the new couch.  Good thing I bought that stain-guard policy.

Trying to get a crawling photo is very hard, and for some reason even now if he sees this piece of fence he puts it in his mouth and crawls off. 

And here is the latest member of the "play with the springy door-stop club".
I always know where he is when I hear the twanging. 


Njos Family said...

Love the photos. You amaze me. I want that couch in my house, and the fence in the mouth is hilarious. You are known as 'Zane's Grandma' in this household, and we are always glad for updates to see how Zane's Grandma is doing. We are starting the cancer journey with my MIL. We can only hope to face it with your spirit and attitude. Much Love and Admiration for you and your family.

amy b. said...

They do grow up so fast, maybe especially when so many other things are happening around them. Glad you are able to enjoy the everyday moments and record them. And, oh, how I miss building railroad tracks!! :)

Renee said...

Love these photos. I hated railroad tracks and trains and the boys loved them...they were always coming apart or falling off the tracks...I didn't have much patience for them! I just adore the pictures of Zane in those awesome knees-sticking-out-of-the-jeans!

Dan & Cyndie said...

such "grand" photos and such a wonderful post!!! love watching them grow :)

The J's said...

It's so fun when they finally start playing together!

gkey said...

dear Gramma of 2 darlings,

I am slowly getting caught here, and glad to see you have an update of Zane & Barry. I particularly like the photos showing spots of sunshine on them! I know they are bright spots in your world these days.

Sunny spots