Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair Goo

Once upon a time, there was a product on the market called Dippity Do, and when I just looked it up on google, you might still be able to buy it.  Anyway, there really are a number of hair gel products on the market these days, but I remember Mom sticking her comb in the Dippity Do jar before she slicked our hair down when combing it.  It probably helped our thin fly-away hair stay out of our faces.  
One thing that does not work well for hair gel, or perhaps it works too well, is the antibiotic ointment used on my incision.  We are having an awful time getting it washed out. The doctors said diluted hydrogen peroxide would work, but the way that is going, I'm still going to have a sticky problem for another couple of weeks.  It helps, but a little at a time.
So, if anyone out there has some idea of what might cut this Vaseline type stuff out of my hair, bearing in mind that I have this incision and a tender head, I'd like some ideas.  


Renee said...

This is just a random thought but I wonder about Dawn dish soap? It is good for cutting grease. Maybe it would be too strong for an incision?

BTW....I remember Mom using DIppity Do on us too!

The J's said...

Oh yes, Dippity Do! LOL! Did you try the olive oil/dishsoap route? I have some *N. dishsoap that would be gentle & cuts grease well that you could try if you want! Let me know!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing with such honesty, Shelley. Your "marathon" entry is touching. I'm sorry you had to become so sick for me to even find out you HAVE a blog, but I've appreciated reading it and a few of your old entrees. You really ARE a writer! I'm thankful that Bonita is there with you; please give her my love and thanks.

Anonymous said...

We used to use Peanut butter on kids with gum in their hair. I don't know if that would add to the mess or help get it out. What about plain ole vinegar? I used to rinse my hair in that to get all the soap out and it works for getting goo off other things, so it might work. Good luck. So glad Bon is there. For how long?

Unknown said...

I would wonder about Basic H from Shaklee.

And yes we used Dippity Doo too!! And I used it on my poor daughters... LOL

HUGS to you Shelley.

Jeanne Ogden said...

I remember Dippity Doo. I would try the olive oil or dawn dish soap. Pops has much shorter hair or we would probably be having that problem with his incisions also. Vitamin E seems to be doing good for him. Hugs Jeanne

Raimie @ The Prairie Hen said...

Dear Shelley,
No ideas for your problem but it sounds like you've got a few things to try with the above comments. Is your incision very painful?

I hope this "headache" passes.

gkey said...

Dear NOT so dippy,

I am not sure what to recommend here. We have used "dissolvit" (walmart?) over the years. I thought it had some harmless sorts of ingredients....but haven't needed it in a while so couldn't check that.

My child-hood hair-combing memories involve Mom using "wave-set" on me. It came in a tallish sort of container...light lavender in color, and the comb fit right down inside. I can almost remember the smell even.

There will be good-hair-days again some day