Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home again after a big week

If yesterday was the valley, today was the mountain top on this journey.  Shelley was released from the hospital this morning, and tolerated the three hour trip home quite nicely.  When I talked to them a few minutes ago, Shelley was sitting on the couch talking to her friend Juli, who has arrived to help out.  Juli brought Lynette home also.  Shelley also had a nice bath, and they attempted to deal with her hair.  She spent the last week in a hospital, not a spa or a salon!  The big incision, the tangles, the greasy ointments, the days of lying in bed all took their toll, but her hairdressers were working on it.  Pain pills and naps are still important features of life, but really everything seems to be going as it should.

I fear I may soon be losing my position as guest blogger, but as Shelley says, it is harder to think about blogging and computer work when you have sore eyes.  I think you will very soon be seeing a post from Shelley herself, though.

Someone has set up a "Google Calendar" for any who wish to help in any way, with meals, housework, companionship, whatever your talent is!  I'll paste the link below.  I tried it myself and got it to work, which is a minor miracle considering my limited computer skills.  So, I'm hoping it will work for anyone else who wants to access it.



The J's said...

So glad to hear you're home Shelley! I'm looking forward to a visit. The Calendar is a great idea. I'm planning on filling some of those slots- (If I can figure out how to use it now!!)

Anonymous said...

Hey I can't figger out the calender....it either opens to MY calendar, if I'm signed into my gmail account, or to the sign in page of google calendars. (I guess it's not like I'm planning to bring over a meat loaf any time soon...........so it's not really an emergency, unless some others are having similar difficulties.) But...main thing.....CONGRATS on getting home Shelley, KUDOS to Jim for standing by unfailingly, HUGS all the way around to the kids and grandkids, and THANKS from the bottom of my heart to all of you who are helping out in the most amazing variety of ways.
Love from Dodie

Jeanne Ogden said...

So glad to hear you are home. Wish I was closer to help out in some way but I guess our part is just to keep praying that all goes as it should. Wish you a fast healing and it sounds like you have a wonderful help in family and friends there. Love Jeanne

Bonita Sue said...

Guess what--this link to the calendar really isn't working, at least working right. The technical experts will work on it, and maybe later on you'll see a link that does work.


Lanae said...

so glad you're home Shelley! looking forward to hearing from you. :))

Renee said...

Oh happy day!!

gkey said...

Dear At Home again,

What a week it was! SOOO glad to hear you are home & getting into the next part of this healing journey. It has to feel good to everyone to have you safely back in your own space. Glad Juli is there.

Will visit soon,
Just down the road east a ways

Sharon said...

So glad you are home. Live too far to help much, but prayers continue your way!!! Hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back home Shelley. So glad to hear that you are out of the hospital and doing so well. So our Juli is down there with you, huh? We will miss her tonight but so nice she is there to help you. Will be looking forward to when you are doing well enough to write on here yourself!! Darlene and Wayne Jensen

Anonymous said...

Oh Shelly I'm glad for you to get home but please let everyone pamper you. I'm sure that is not a bit normal, but from nowon it is your new norm. Love you girl.Ann P.

Luanne said...

So glad your are home! I am leaving for a week but when I get home I will be up.
You are in good hands with Juli!! Hugs to you both. Love Lu

Anonymous said...

We are SOOO GLAD that you're recovery is going so well so far....It must be so special for you to be home. Our thoughts are with all of you....wish we could visit too....but I think we might be just a bit too far away!!! Unless we can find a magic carpet like Mary Poppins! :) If Juli is the Juli we think she might be.....give her a big hug from us.
Jonny, Rosalie, Nathan & Jacinta
from Kangaroo Island

Anonymous said...

SOOOOO very glad you are home. Will stop by soon. The calendar is still not working so I guess it will be a SURPRISE when I get to stop by!! Arlene