Monday, June 4, 2012

The roller coaster of recovery

It seems like recovery never takes a nice gradual upward incline, but rather it's more like a roller coaster with a general upward incline.  Today was one of the valley days on the roller coaster of recovery.  This morning they took out the nasal packing, which was a very painful process.  Guess it was nearly unbelievable all that was up there in her head.  Shelley's head is now having to adjust to those recently operated areas not being packed tight, and it is a painful process, and the pain got ahead of the pain pills.  She wasn't able to force herself to eat much today either.

They've been saying today that she could go home tomorrow, but as difficult as today was, there is a possibility that it might be postponed.  It's a three hour trip home, and that in itself is a major undertaking for someone with a sore head!  Shelley's good friend Juli is going to come and help out when Shelley does get home, and that will be so, so appreciated.

So, that's the news for today.  It's anyone's guess whether tomorrow night will find Shelley in Omaha or in Kearney.  As nice as it is to go home, there's a certain security about being in the hospital when you're not feeling well.


The J's said...

As much as we'd like to see you home again Shelley, we want it to be the right timing. Not good to have needed to stay longer, or have to go back sooner than necessary either. Hope for a good night for you!

Renee said...

Oh! I can imagine that nasal packing removal process was anything but pleasant and I know you were dreading it Shelley! Ahh...but another step towards being well again.

I totally agree about the security of being where the experts are when you are sick, so I hope they don't send you home too soon.

So happy Juli will be there to help out when the home time comes. A friend in need is a friend indeed the saying goes.

gkey said...

Dear Rolling with the process,

We know you are bravely doing the very best you can. Sometimes there just has to be these rough spots on this recovery road.

Now hoping your night is peaceful and the morning brings fresh strength & healing.

gkey & family

Dan & Cyndie said...

Many thanks for the update. Healing is sometimes a very bumpy road...I agree with otheres that as nice as it is to be home, with the length of the journey, its better to err on the side oc caution. It would be a miserable journey back to Omaha if something came up.
with much love & caring.
Dan & cyndie

Anita said...

I was wondering how that 'unpacking' business went... I don't think I've ever heard anything pleasant about such things. Glad it's in the past and hopefully today is bringing some better moments again!!

Darcie said...

So hard when the pain gets ahead of the pain pills! HOpe they give here all the time she needs to feel comfortable to go home.

Ruth said...

And now I hear you're on your way home! After yesterday's torture, I imagine you are happy to be out of there! Wishing you a comfortable drive home and days and nights of rest and healing.

Monica said...

As I read this my heart hurts for everyone involved! We've been in your shoes and it's NO FUN...Hope you find comfort knowing that there are those of us praying for you to keep finding the grace to persevere one minute at a time, one day at a time. Keep hope before you. This too shall pass. LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING - The Hertz's