Saturday, June 2, 2012

A very, very good day

When Dorothy and I were together last night we had plans to write a really exciting, riveting blog entry, but as it got later and later, and Shelley seemed sicker and sicker, and we got more and more busy and tired, our literary ambitions kind of fell by the wayside.  I'm afraid tonight's entry will be rather utilitarian also.  It seems with our jobs, we so often work weekends!! We're back in Wisconsin now, gearing up for tomorrow, and reflecting on today.

Boring or not, it is all good news today.  Shelley was up in the chair, took a little walk in the hall, and walked back and forth to the bathroom.  Quite a few visitors came today, including Eldora the seeing eye dog (oh yes, Kayde came with her too..)  Shelley was able to genuinely enjoy her visitors.  Eating is going well--chicken noodle soup, applesauce, etc., and the feeding tube hangs there unused.  She'll be really happy when that thing goes.  She has been switched to oral pain medicine now also.  All those things are really good signs.  According to Jim, it wasn't a very good day, but a very, very good day!

Good night all.  May you have a good tomorrow.


Renee said...

Yee Haw! I expect the next time you write you will say that she is asking for her knitting needles!! :)

Three cheers for very very very good days!!

Diane T. said...

Glad to hear my friend Shelley is improving steadily! Thanks for the updates.

Dan & Cyndie said...

Hooray for a very very good day!!! I can just hear jim saying that & seeing a huge smile on his face :)
many thanks for these postings. Hugs to our dear friend Shelley & love & care to you all.
Dan & Cyndie

Lynisha said...

So good to hear!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! What wonderful news!!
Hugs!! Janet

Gramma Lorna and Grampa Garland said...

Thanks, again, for your time and effort to post altho know you don't think of it as an effort since it is for your dear SIL!! Hope you all have a restful night!!
Our Love and Care, Garland and Lorna

Christy Lester said...

Yay. Thinking of yall tons!!! Happy things are looking up.... Our tho'ts are now too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim, Shelly & Family,
This news has just reached us in Australia.....We want you to know that you are in our prayers and have all our fingers & toes crossed that Shelly can make a full recovery. We have lovely memories of you & your family when we visited in 1995 & then again in 2007.
Thinking of you with love to you all,
Jonny, Rosalie, Nathan & Jacinta xxxx
PS We were sent the link to your "Longest day " blog & left this message there...but then found this more recent blog, so have copied & pasted our message to make sure you get it :)

The J's said...

I'm likeing Raimie's comment up there!! It does sound like a VERY good day, and in such, "Boring" is great! Wish we were close enough to pop in also, but looking forward to our time when she is back home!

Luanne said...

Thinking of you all on this Sunday morning. Thankful for our Loving Father's care.
Trusting in Him. Sending you healing thoughts! Lu and Rod

Heidi said...

Yes, when Shelley feels better we also feel better! Look forward to seeing you all next month.

Holly T. said...

So good to hear of a better day for Shelley and that means for Jim too! Hope you are able to rest well and looking forward to you coming home! Holly