Friday, June 1, 2012

Reality hits....

Well folks, I think the harsh realities of a huge surgery set in today.  Shelley has not had nearly as good a day as yesterday.  Yesterday was probably almost too good to be true, but not too unusual for the first post op day.  Shelley did get moved out of ICU today, sat in the recliner for an hour, and took a few steps from bed to wheelchair for the move.  These are all positive forward steps, but she has been overwhelmingly exhausted, and not nearly as perky.  Even mumbling or framing a word or two is a real chore for her. She's had some low blood sugar issues today, too...indicating her body has had a pretty major stress.  Her main surgeon saw her this morning, and indicated there would be rough days ahead, but by time he gets back from his weekend away, she will likely to be making a turnaround.   That's a good goal to look forward to, but like Jim can keep telling yourself this is all normal, but it's pretty hard to believe it!  He will be staying the night in her room again, and hopefully he can give a more progressive progress report tomorrow sometime!

Some were wishing the address of the hospital:  It is Methodist Hospital, 8303 Dodge St., Omaha NE  68114.  Jim and Shelley's home address:  300 Northview Dr., Kearney NE  68847

Believe it or not, your guest writer is a guest of her sister tonight!  It's nice to be together when we feel far away from the ones we love. So....tonight this is being written by the Minnesota sister in law with the Wisconsin sister in law looking over her shoulder.  We both agree that our one and only sister in law is a very special lady.  And her husband is a very special man!


Luanne said...

Thanks to the special guest writer and her special sister! Thinking of Jim and Shelley tonight and wishing we could ease the suffering. Know we care.

Renee said...

Awww....don't we all wish we could just take some of the suffering to ourselves to ease Shelley's burden a bit?! I do know the human body is amazing the way it can heal and I also know Shelley has amazing "gumption." But it hurts to see your friends suffer!

I like to think of you two sisters together as you pen the progress report for all of us in Shelley's fan club.

Warm care to ALL you Kleebs....

Anonymous said...

Hey, the novice guest blogger meant to say Shelley has had some HIGH blood sugar issues, requiring insulin, not low blood sugar. answer someone else's question: Bon is here to help at a funeral which happens to be right here in Stillwater MN, the area I'm working in.
G'nite, Dorothy

The J's said...

Thank you, both of you girls! I'm pretty sure that we all feel like you fit in well to the "special" category too ;)
I've sure thought of Shelley (AND family) today and have wondered how it went. It seems like day 3 is often the hard day. Thanks for the address too. Hope everyone has a restful night.

Dan & Cyndie said...

Isn't it a wonder how that word "special" seems to wrap others so closely to our hearts??
Like others have mentioned, you know that if we could we would bear some of this for our Shelley.
with loving thoughts & hopes for a peaceful night.
Dan & cyndie

Raimie @ The Prairie Hen said...

Dear Dottie-Bon,
Thank you SO much for posting! and thanks for the address.

Dear aunt Shelley,
Life sure is full of ups and downs... even of one's blood sugar! Alas, it must be something like coming down off "the birth high" (on a much greater scale)... Burst of energy right at first and then a crash!

Up or down we love you!

gkey said...

dears In Omaha, (AND In MN tonight!)

I am sure the hours are long as you struggle to make even little bits of progress. A quote I came across recently says: "There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going!" Wishing you steady positive steps.... to brighter days ahead.

Rest well, all of you in our Fathers' tender care.


Anonymous said...

I just keep thinking ALL of you are special and special to so many of us. I'm so glad that we know the living God and know the FATHER knows best.At times like this we can rest knowing HE has us under His wings. Love to all of you from Ann in Alma,