Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Getting Ready for a Marathon

I have a lot of things on my mind today, which means this post will either be long and take a while or I will get tired, and much less information will be posted.
Today Bonita comes to help out.
Yesterday was my first post-op appointment in Omaha.  The incision healed well, the staples were taken out and now I can think about doing something with my hair expect a braid down the side.  Everything seems to be proceeding normally.  The forehead part is healing down well and the inside as far as they can see is healing like it supposed to, also. 
I don't get as tired as I did at first, but now I am on a "do a little more activity every day" mode, but carefully.

Several of my friends are going in for fitness these days, running, biking, and signing up for runs and marathons.
So, I'm going to join in too.  I'm getting ready for a marathon that in six weeks or so is going to do things to my body I can't even realize right now.  I'm not sure I even want to imagine.  In some ways getting ready for cancer treatment is getting ready for a big race.  I have to eat well, with extra protein, I have to make progress every day with my physical activity.  I need to get as well as I can get before treatment starts so I can feel as well as I can going into it.
So, right now, everything is on track.  I will have my chemo and radiation in Kearney after all.  What a help that will be for the toll on my body! I see the medical and radiation oncologists next week.  The week after will be follow up appointments again with both surgeons this time. And the next week I go see the dental oncologist for dental maintenance and protection.  
Because, they have extended the realm of radiation larger than at first.  They plan to irradiate the lymph nodes in my neck.  So, they are talking about quite a large area, from my forehead, down to my collar bone, including the neck.  The main side effects besides the usual ones of radiation, is the frontal lobes of the brain when radiated causes fatigue, which could last up to a year since radiation does not stop working when treatment does.  
As I understand it now, the radiation and chemo will take place at the same time.  We'll know a lot more once we visit with the oncology doctors 
In about six weeks from surgery.  No dragging feet, just keep on marching from step to step.

I really appreciate everyone's confidence in me and my ability to keep positive.  You people are going to make it very hard for me to wallow around in self pity and complain.  

Do I worry about what if they didn't get it all? What if it comes back? What if in spite of everything that is done, and  what everybody says, it comes back?  I do, a little, a very little.  I can't see wasting what energy I have worrying about things that might never happen.  And if they do, well we'll all cross that bridge when we come to it. 
I might still be a bit in the 'denial' mode.  But, I do know that I can accept most things as they come along.  Faith and Trust go a long way in helping me be who I am.  

Blogs can get very boring sometimes without any photos, and these were taken by the waiting party in the surgery waiting room during surgery.  It looks rather like they were having a party in there.   

It was so nice for Jim and Lynette to have helping watchers. 

They now have electronic boards in the waiting room so family can see the progress. I'm the first one.

And a nice little note for my room!


Ruth said...

Shelly I so admire your perspective and your ability to not worry. I'm a terrible worrior, and I hate it! I like some wisdon in a book I'm reading and hope I can learn from it. It says worrying about tomorrow will rob the joy of today. And it is arrogant to thinking God doesn't know how to do his job. So glad you have such great support. That will help you so much. And it's OKAY to feel a bit sorry for yourself once inawhile! Take care!

Anonymous said...


I have appreciated a comforting thought that helped me through my treatments as a cancer patient. We all hold you in our thoughts and prayers; but our Father holds you in the palm of His hand. Remember Romans 8:28 - All things work together for good. Simply trust, stay positive and keep praying!

Dorothy said...

"Faith and Trust go a long way in helping me be who I am." It's beyond the scope of my imagination (as Anne would say) to think of you without incorporating those two values into my perception. You can be sure you'll have a pack of cheerleaders on the sidelines when you start your marathon.

Renee said...

There you go again, Shellykins, writing a blog post that is inspiring and brave and so very forthright and honest. Just like YOU are. ... and we love that about you.
I am tickled to pieces to think about Bonita being there.
How smart of you to think of this "race" like a body gets one of those accomplished without the one step and then the next step process. I'm joining Dorothy's cheerleading section!!!

Renee said...

I liked the pictures you added, too! Pictures always spice up a blog post!!

Elaine T. said...

I'm glad you lost your gold "headband" of staples and all is healing nicely. Keep up the great work and gearing up for treatment. Always remember "This, too, shall pass." It's nice you can do it in Kearney.
Was that gold on your walls the new color? I noticed it, and love it but wasn't sure if it was something new or I'd just overlooked it before! So glad Bonita can be with you a bit. Take care.

The J's said...

So glad Bonita is coming! I'm hoping to get in to see you again soon.

Lanae said...

Glad Bonita can be there too.
And I have a ton of admiration/respect for your attitude/spirit toward this.
I think it's a good idea to think of this like running a marathon too ... an apt analogy. The preparation, both physical and mental ... and then the race, where the mental matters every bit as much, if not even a bit more, than the physical, to help you endure when the going gets tough and it's hard to keep going. I think you are well-prepared mentally/spiritually and that will help carry you through!

Anonymous said...

This is just a suggestion.

Look up or GOOGLE -Alkaline and Acidic Foods. A body high in alkaline will fight cancer better than a body high in acidic foods.
There are charts to look at and print off if you want. I believe in this and my family follows this diet. It can't hurt-----. I wish you the very best as you face the future.
A blog lurker and I enjoy your blog!

Anita said...

I'm going to be in the cheerleading section, too! :)
Like those pix! It does look like they were having fun! ;) And I like that message board they have up- what a great idea!

Luanne said...

Hi shelly!
i am home again. Thought about you everyday
just couldnt read your blog.(sorry I missed the painting!!)
Rod said it was great to
see you at bible study. See you soon, lu

Raimie @ The Prairie Hen said...

Dear Aunt Shelley,
Oh my, dear, dear lady! You've crafted a very touching post once again. May you have all the strength you need to go thru this.


gkey said...

Dear Gearing up,

These days would be full & flying by as you prepare for this leg of the journey.

I am glad you are writing about it all. It is good for you and helps the rest of your 'team' as well.

Faith and Trust are the best 'running-mates'

p.s. This is my 3rd attempt to make this comment post. Hope it doesn't finally appear 3 times!!!