Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Recovery Is A Lot Harder Than It Looks

Thanks to all those with suggestions for the sticky hair problem.  I decided to take my mom's advice, which was something to the effect of, "What are you worrying about your hair for anyway, leave it alone!"
So, I am.  I think in my exuberance to get back to 'normal', we spent more time and effort on it than we should have.  Yes, there is still goo up there. Yes, it looks pretty greasy and I can't do much with it.  So, far I just comb it into a braid on the side.  The heaviness of having it up with a clip in is a bit much yet.  
It seemed like the scrubbing and showering were doing more harm than good, when the whole idea is to let my head heal.  
So, vanity has to go out the window for a while.  
It is a rather good thing our eyes are for looking out at other people rather than at ourselves.
And let that be a lesson to ya! 

At 4:00 this morning, I woke up feeling different.  I was calm in the darkness and really awake.  I felt more like ME than I had for many a day.  Jim woke and mumbled, "it's not time for a pain pill".  It was past time, but I didn't want one.  I didn't have a headache, and I wanted to enjoy the drug free sensation a while longer.  
I did go back to sleep, but woke again, and STILL no headache, but my keepers ...erm... family insisted a take one as a precaution at breakfast, which I did, and had a lovely morning nap.  After a had a very nice lot of lovely company, I took another, since being up very often gives me a headache and another rest.  
So, here I am at the end of a more eventful day than usual, spending an unusual few minutes at the computer, after which I will lie down, not to test this headache free period too far.  
I feel better, I feel like I've turned a corner.
However, when feeling this good there is too much temptation to do too much. 

So, That's all Folks! 

By, the way the photo at the top is titled
"Wildflowers by the Yellow Wall"


Raimie @ The Prairie Hen said...

Dear Auntie Shelleykins,
"It is a rather good thing our eyes are for looking out at other people rather than at ourselves." Is a beautiful thought, especially as the view is usually better that way anyway.

The photo is beautiful and I hope to see your sunshiny room sometime soon. Enjoy feeling like "you" that's the best any of us can be, after all.

Looking Out in NE

Renee said...

"Wildflowers by the Yellow Wall" might very well win an award if you entered it in a contest! Lovely! I just have to say I can simply hear your Mom saying, "Why are you worrying about your hair anyway, leave it alone!" Your expression about our eyes being made for looking out at other people rather than ourselves, is a great one. Wow, I feel like I have just attended a class on common sense philosophy! I am HAPPY that you had a good day!! Hoping for many many more!!!

Luanne said...

It wasn't just your sunny wall that cheered
your tired friend today..Thanks!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a better day and hope that is a new trend for you!

John and Sandy

gkey said...

Dear Sunshine,

Love hearing about Good days on this part of your healing journey.

I am ANXIOUS to come see the yellow wall....and you!

Flowers & Yellow are the

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post and am so glad you had a good day!!! Hugs!! Love, Janet

Dan & Cyndie said...

been gone a few days so just checking in :)
and YEP, I am still loving that yellow wall!!!!
and you my dear friend,

The J's said...

That looks so nice & cheery!! Aren't we glad for those welcome corners!