Sunday, June 10, 2012

Settling In

I have had some eventful uneventful days. Having a housekeeper and daughter suddenly decide to paint the paneling, I've had some lovely long naps in my bedroom instead of the living room. So, now we have some new color in the living room, and my daughter isn't wanting to paint again for a very long time.

I am continuing to sit, eat very nice things people send in (thankyewverymuch) and have naps.  I am slowly learning to type on this laptop, which is a very annoying project.  If I do too much of anything including have visitors and talk on the phone, which I LOVE, I get too tired. PLEASE don't stop calling and visiting, I'll just nap later, or I already have had a nap.

So, today, I had three naps, 6 visitors, spread out between naps, three meals, and two snacks.  I'll have one more snack with the evening meds.

I am feeling pretty good right now.  Everyone comes in and says how GOOD I look, however, the better I feel the more I do, and then I will feel worse tomorrow.  I don't want to spend too much time typing here either, because it is tiring.

It is amazing how tired I can get reading a few pages in a book, or reading on the computer.  I had no idea it took so many muscles in my forehead to focus my eyes.  I read my morning comics, if I'm up to it. I look a little at facebook, and every couple of days look at my email.  I have to decide sometimes what are the most important things to do, because I can't do all of these even little things all the time or all at one time.

I'm not finding it very easy to be a couch potato.  I'm not finding it easy to sit down and watch other people do my work.  Next, on my list is to not let things like that stress me out.


Dorothy said...

Boo on having to be a couch potato (I don't think I could enjoy it very long either) but YAY on feeling pretty good! Keep up the good work!

MEJ said...

I would not enjoy being a couch potato either, so I have total sympathy for you!
I wondered if you had a lap-top, thinking that would be much easier to be on the computer!! It took me a while to get used to mine, but since it's all I've had for 2 years now it feels pretty normal now. I do prefer to use a mouse with it tho, hate that touch pad!!
I'm anxious to see your new paint! Wow, how exciting!

Bonita Sue said...

Save some jobs for me! See you Wednesday. I'm excited to come!

Gramma's Corner said...

Plenty of jobs left!! Lynette's good but young and it doesn't come very naturally to Jim, and I'm the one the isn't picking up the slack, and there is plenty of that around! :)

Grace Kracht said...

So good to read the last few entries Shelley - as have been thinking of you so much. Hope you continue to get stronger every day & the fact that you are not liking to be a 'potato' is nothing but a GOOD sign! :)

Renee said...

Hi, good to catch up a little with you now that we are home from Idaho. Oh, wow, I can imagine being a couch potatoe would be fun for about one day and then not so much. Baby steps will get you back to the old "new" you!! I'm happy that you are allowing some time for blogging!!

gkey said...

Good Morning ShelleyKins,

You are so not a slacker.....and so these would be 'trying' days in that respect as well as just the 'going slow' part.

It will be lovely to have your BonBon there with you awhile :)

sending well-wishes

Anonymous said...

Shelley, i've not "stopped by" the blog for too many days, but please know it's not because i wasn't thinking about you! you are on my heart and i pray for you...and your kiddos and Jim.

you are a gracious servant-heart. rest and soak in the blessing that comes from being served. you need some help right now and it is the Lord's great pleasure to bless you this way - so put the guilt aside and DELIGHT in Him!


Anonymous said...

Shelley, so glad you are getting stronger each day. What a privilege to have Bonita coming to be with you:):) Healing thoughts headed your way daily.


Raimie @ The Prairie Hen said...

Dear Aunt Shelley,
I REALLY havebeen here reading your posts just haven't got around to leaving comments. Not very nice of me I know. We are settling in to our Summer routine so hopefully I can get busy reading the blogs I love.

Glad to hear you are settling in at home for your Summer routine... tho it's surely not the routine you expected!