Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bath Time

We had a bath crisis at our house last night. Lynette was already in the bath when Lorene was ready to give Zane his. What a good excuse to make sure my kitchen is all cleaned up before I went to bed! I was rebelling against cleaning out the sink, since the dishwasher had to be cleaned out first. But, I didn't want Zane bathed in a yucky sink, nor did I want dishes available to be knocked off. He's already got his hands on a bowl and smashed it on the floor, so I know what he is capable of. He's been exercising his throwing arm of late. What a cutie!


nanaKey & Kit-Kat said...

Oh, I so LOVE baby-in-the-sink photos. My mom took one of me when I was about 6-7 mos. old and I have had it framed by my sink at times. I even love the dishes that are in the background. Guess I wasn't so 'handy' at that part yet anyway.
I would like to see your photo of Zane bigger sometime!
Kit-Kat says: CUTE! (again) ;)

The J's said...

Gay, if you want to see them bigger, then click on the picture. They will come up larger.
This picture is SO cute! I love sink/bath pictures too!

Rae said...

Bee still asks if she can take a bath in the sink even though she is really too big for it. I always remember my dad washing his hair in the kitchen sink on Sunday morning. Life happens in the kitchen!