Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grampa's Boy

Little boys in overalls are SO cute.

For those of you who know Jim, know that he is a John Deere nut. So when Zane appeared in Gramma's Spot upstairs this morning in overalls, I thought a photo session was in order. It seems Zane is like lots of other little boys, put something with wheels in his hands and he's ready to play. So, here he is "bbbbbbb-ing" his tractor along, even upside down!

Zane at 10 months.


Gramma's Corner said...

I am annoyed with this post, since I can't get comments under the photos. I can't get it to arrange like say, The J's does.

Njos Family said...

I know what you mean, sometimes I struggle and struggle to get the form just how I like - often times giving up as I don't have the time to mess. Cute Blog!

Anonymous said...

I love little boys in overalls too! So cute and so practical.


The J's said...

Love, love, love overalls on little boys! Sure glad I get to see them on others since I don't get to see them on my grandson :(
When you're posting your pictures, put the ones you want in line LAST, on FIRST. (from bottom to top) Also I have the best luck when I keep the layout of the photos on "none" Then they can be arranged anyway you want them. If you do center or the sides, then that's where they will be. I do my writing after the pictures are all where I want them.
My last post, I did my bottom picture first, Med. size and did put it in the center. Then I started working up using the none setting & the small size. I had very little re-arranging to do.

Rae said...

Toot! Toot!