Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where the Past Meets Today

When Lorene was a baby she would wait at the door for Daddy to come home. I thought it was so cute I took a picture. She was eight months old, just tall enough to peek out the window to look at the outside world.

Our place is pretty in the early fall evening, the sun shining golden on her curly flyaway hair.

She looks like she is patiently waiting.

Then Nathan came along and he liked to look out the window too.
At the same time of year, September, and it looks like he's stretching up a bit to view the world. It was a good way to entertain a 10 month old while I was cooking dinner. "Watch for Daddy!"
By the time Lynette came along and I had these cute pictures hanging on my wall of my kids looking out my front door, I HAD to get a photo of her too. But she was so tiny, it was a long time before she was tall enough to peek out the door.
That year, 1995, was a chaotic year. We were in the process of moving Grampa Kleeb to our house, and in November we went there for the final garage sale, and there was Lynette looking out Grampa's door watching what was going on. And it hit me.....
I don't have a "door" picture of Lynette and soon it will be too late. It would have been a good one that day, too. She was in her little white slip I made, looking out a white door.
I wanted my camera. I wanted to take a picture of Grampa's turquoise house before the new people painted it. But I couldn't. So that picture had to wait.
I took hers in April, at 16 months of age.
I hadn't thought of my cute little pictures of my kids looking out the door for years, they are just fixtures on the wall of my bedroom. The kind of thing that are always there and I just look over them.
Until, .... along comes Zane.
He LOVES the outside, and when he hears the door open he is right there trying to see if he can sneak out.

So, here is the next generation looking out my door. It's seen better times. The screen is unfastened, he could climb out if he was big enough. Look how tall he is at 10 months.


gKey said...

oh, Shelleykins, I loved reading this and seeing the pix too. Made me want to go dig out the ones I have taken like that.
Mine would all be at different houses though, I imagine.

The J's said...

AW! You made me cry! How very sweet. Precious memories.

Juli said...

I loved this, Shelley! It does sort of put a lump in my throat!

Judy Cronk said...

So very cute!

Renee said...

Adorable......every last one of them! Now to add the new generation pictures to your bedroom wall. Time moves. so. fast.

Rae said...

Love, love, love those kind of memories and so glad to have photos to go with them.