Thursday, November 5, 2009

Zane with the Kitty

I didn't think I could get any photos of Zane rubbing his face in the soft things he loves. We were cleaning out downstairs and found a battery operated kitty. It meows and purrs. Zane spent a lot of time playing with it, even "driving" it across the floor.

Today he was rubbing his face in it so here are the photos I got.


The J's said...

I LOVE his smile!

Rae said...

He looks like his mommy! :)

Kenneth Pinney said...

Hi J, S, L & Z, N and L,
I am not really expecting Zane would be any smaller but it is hard to picture him so big. Fun!

I always enjoy the pictures in the blogs -

I have not figured out how to post the pictures myself yet with a caption - Mine just turn out to be a group of pictures and the words have to be a story.

Nice to see all, Ken