Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Naughty Boy

These little ones are so smart so quickly. My first time around raising kids I had a hard time believing these cute little ones really knew what they were doing.

Zane is 10 months old and already he knows what he wants and isn't above shrieking to get it. He LOVES cell phones. They are just SO neat. He gets his little hands on one and it lights up when he pushes the buttons.

I'm teaching him he can't have it, but it isn't sinking in. It is a lot easier to keep it out of sight. If I'm working in the kitchen he likes to be picked up to see what it going on. I almost believe he wants to be up there looking for my cell phone. Because if it is where he can see it, he shrieks to be picked up again as soon as he's put down to see if maybe THIS time he can get it.

So I took one picture to prove it.

It isn't only the cell phone he wants, but the camera too. I was sitting down and Zane looked so cute in the light I though I would try some close ups. Instead I got a picture of him reaching for the camera.

I've been trying to teach Zane that certain things in the house are off limits. I started with my glasses because not only was it very annoying for my glasses to be taken off my face everytime I held Zane, sometimes it hurt, too. I just looked at him sternly and said "NO". The same system has worked for my tall table with photo albums.

(Oh, I forgot the most important step in this system, a quick slap to the offending hand.) It works, too.

I've read so many things about "training a child early in the way he should go". I saved a quote in one of my favorite books that says about spankings, "...if you start a child early in the way if should behave, it automatically behaves that way." And in Laddie it says of the 12 children in that family that every child would stop crying at the age of 9 months when their father raised his finger.

Makes me wonder how he did it.

Anyway, I don't think I started early enough with mine and let them get away with things far too long. I don't have time or patience for picking up things he takes down because he won't leave them alone.

I do believe that this first stage won't last long. The innocence and obedience will soon be lost with the growing brain power that comes with the "ME" stage. And then it will be a new kind of correction, like starting all over again I bet.

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The J's said...

Well, I never did believe in babyproofing my house so the kids could have free rein.....(danger excepted of course) Kind of reminds me of the saying "give a man a fish and you will feed him, but teach a man to fish & he can feed himself"...or something to that effect ya know
The 'No's are lifetime learning.