Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fruit Roll-Up

I'm a tightwad, much to the annoyance of my family and very likely my friends. And we don't need any cutesy names, like economical or careful, or whatever, to try to make it sound better. It's a serious character flaw, I suppose, but it is part of my being an old fashioned sort of gramma all of my life.
So, I did it again. You know when you eat a bag of cereal there are lots of crumbs on the bottom, (especially bags of frosted mini-wheats), well, I can't let THEM go to waste or the fruit salad that no one finished up on the weekend. So, when I made sweet roll dough, I dumped them in and made cinnamon rolls. With a little of the dough, I put the fruit in it, rolled it up and made a sauce for it with a little brown sugar and olive oil with the pineapple juice that was the dressing for the salad. You know, it's pretty good, warm.


The J's said...

oh well! could be worse things, that's for sure. There's times I wish I was MORE that way, and times I wish I was LESS too!
Regardless, the rolls look and sound yummy!

keough.krew said...

Shelleykins....I guess I am not known as a tightwad, but I AM known for throwing things into recipes (ask RAE and B.Y.) and then they never taste exactly the same way twice.
I have used the ends of cereal this way for years...and incidentally, the end of the frosted mini-wheats made the BEST bread of some sort that I remember! So you did GOOD...tightwad schmitewad I call it CREATIVE COOKIN'!

Gramma's Corner said...

Glad to know I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

LOL Shelley! Are you sure you are not related to the Kienke's? And these days the politically correct word for tightwad is GREEN! And re-using and re-purposing is way greener than recycling! (BTW, I love your me smiles and chuckles every time!)


Rae said...

Personally I like the title, Frugalista. It's so... {DRAMA, DIVA, DARLING} in a "don't-you-dare-throw-that-ziplock-away!" sort of way.
Just keep rockin' those leftovers, lady!