Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Inez!

At the Assisted Living Center where Aunt Inez lives, the residents choose their birthday meal and have company come to share it. Debbie and I brought Zane along to share her birthday dinner a couple of days early since this year her birthday is on Thanksgiving Day.

Zane behaved beautifully, having slept all the way here. He ate his banana and drank his bottle while we enjoyed BBQ ribs and mashed potatoes. He spent his time looking all around.

Let loose, he was ready to run! Aunt Inez gave him a little ride, but he enjoyed better being on his own two feet. He wanted to look in every open door, push the walkers and pound on windows. He didn't get very far in any of those operations.

Here is Aunt Inez, almost 88 years old!

I'm sure glad Zane liked Debbie, it made the whole dinner and visit go much easier!

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gkey said...

What a nice post about Jim's aunt Inez. I always love seeing the dear older ones with the new little ones coming on....its a wonderful way to bridge the generations, bringing such joy to both.