Friday, November 20, 2009


You know I think this little grandbaby of mine is the cutest baby in the world. I love him so much I could squeeze his little head off (as Lorene used to say). I love being able to catch him up and give him hugs and kisses and have him "waller" around on my lap. I love to roll him around on the floor and chase him.

I love him having naps so I can say how much I love him on this blog.

Faces are a really nice thing to have attached to your head. And babies' heads and faces are pretty cute. Here is Zane right after his bath with his curls all over his head. Lorene and Grampa think he needs a haircut, and he probably does, but this Gramma LOVES those curls.

So, I thought I'd show everyone how cute Zane's face is. I thought about it because Zane FINALLY has a tooth. We can hardly get our fingers in Zane's mouth to feel his new little tooth, so I'm not going to get a picture. (Too hard anyway) He may be reluctant to have fingers in his mouth (other than his own) since there are five of us around here who have been trying to feel if the tooth is in yet for the past week. "Don't I have any rights around here!"

"Pbbbbbb" Face

Unhappy Face

Busy Face

"I put one over on you" Face

Banana Face

"Are you watching me?" Face

Happy Face


Anonymous said...

This little guy would be hard NOT to love! Precious little face!


Renee said...

Indeed, a very cute face!!

gKey said...

what a sweet post about that little 'grand' of yours. I think the last photo is my favorite for some reason. to me it seems to say "I am a LUCKY little boy to have such a wonderful gramma"

Lynisha said...

I love the faces! I have a "faces" series of Kyrie... she had so many fun expressions!

lanae said...

such a cute face - and I love his curls too! who says he needs a haircut anytime soon?! ;p