Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Friendship Quilt

Friendship quilts were all the rage when Jim and I were married. Mom put this one together for us and Grandma Appleman quilted it.

I was getting ready for Thanksgiving company and looking at it again brought back so many memories. I was thinking of Michelle and Retha of my generation being gone and stopped to think of the others that contributed blocks that are gone now.

I've had this on display on my quilt rack for 20 years and I want to look at it now and then.

We expect the older generations to be leaving us, it is harder when it is those my age or younger.

This is Nelita's block.

Aunt Ruby
Uncle Howard
Uncle Bob and Aunt Naomi

Aunt Wauneta
Uncle Lowell
Thelma Holmes
Russell Sayles
Roscoe Jelinek

Life goes on and oh, so quickly. People with blocks on this quilt that weren't married are now. There are more children than are mentioned on these blocks. Some of those children are married with their own children.

I enjoyed looking at my brother's blocks again. They weren't very old. I wonder if they did the work themselves. The ideas look like their own.

I liked Rod Snow's idea. Pretty good for a bachelor.

The Old Home Place

Time goes on and some things are gone forever. We don't really need physical reminder of the people we love, but they sure are nice to have.


The J's said...

oh my! scuse me while I wipe my eyes! Yes, those quilts are so special. I always felt a bit slighted I never got one, I sure made plenty of them, & have blocks in others.
I enjoyed your memories!!

Renee said...

This was so wonderfully sweet, Shelley! I should put mine out on a bed again rather than on the quilt rack!