Monday, November 16, 2009

Black Belts at Last

A black belt in the martial arts is the goal most people that continue very long aim for. I didn't encourage Nathan and Lynette to proceed up the ranks too quickly for a couple of reasons. One, the cost of testing, which was doubled for us, as they usually tested at the same time. Two, I wanted to keep them busy as long as I could, and third I wanted them to really know their stuff.

Our school, Harmony Martial Arts, has affiliated itself with the UTA, so these kids had to be tested by a third degree or above black belt. That meant a trip to Hastings to be tested by Masters Mike and Vicki Nieman, 7th degree black belts.

Nathan and Lynette were pretty nervous, but soon settled in as they did their forms.
Nervously waiting for their turn.

To pass they had to perform their forms as asked, spar without touching their partners, and perform knife self defenses.

I didn't get any good photos of those, but Chelsea's mom did so I hope I will get some later.

The Newest Black Belts in Harmony Martial Arts

As a gift for achieving Black Belt status, these kids were awarded belt racks. Lynette has hers filled and hanging on her wall already. Nathan's is still leaning against the wall and doesn't want me to take a picture.

Congratulations on a lot of hard work!!

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