Friday, November 6, 2009

This is What We Did Today

A Day with Zane is always a busy day. It was SO nice Thursday that we enjoyed part of it outside.

First we start with breakfast while Gramma is blogging and facebooking and checking email on the computer.

Then we bundle up to go outside, where Zane expressed his opinion of the Jack o' Lantern Lynette and I made.

A toy? or perhaps lunch.

For those of you that don't know or want to believe that BABIES can walk, here's proof.

I'm NOT ready for this!

After a stroller ride, Gramma was ready for inside play with the smartest grandbaby in the world. I mean, here he is 10 months old and he knows that vehicles run on wheels and ... "pbbbbb" away they go. Another cute thing he does with his foam apple is put it by his mouth and make smacking noises. Pretend eating a pretend apple. If that doesn't show he's clever....

I had the window open for some air that day. The screen hasn't been attached there at the bottom for YEARS, due to cats and my own kids so we have to watch that the cats don't come in. I gave Zane that job.

"Oh, look, a kitty."

"Oh, look, a little boy"

"Can I come in?"

Snack time or nose pinching time, I'm not sure.

"awwww" loving the kitty, I think, or is the kitty loving the boy or .....


The J's said...

AW, cute! Wow, I didn't know he was walking either. These babies....they just start walking earlier all the time! 9/10 mo. for my grandkids too!! and the boys & wheels...well somehow they just go together, along with the sounds. I remember how amazing I thought it was when D. did that. He had 4 older sisters who did not play with cars & had never made the noise. How did he figure it out? I still remember taking his 5 mo. pictures in the yard & his head turning around EVERY time a car went by!!

Rae said...

Do you suppose we can blame global-warming for babies walking sooner? ;)

Kit-Kat said...

cute cute cute!

Shawna said...

OK, you're right! He IS pretty clever!